Dynamic Gas Blending

Dynamic Gas Blending technology is a proprietary Caterpillar dual fuel technology that uses existing gas engine hardware to allow Caterpillar diesel engines to burn natural gas. Caterpillar engines fitted with this DGB technology:

  • Reduce fuel costs by replacing up to 70 percent of diesel with gas
  • Continuously adjust to changes in fuel quality and pressure for maximum performance
  • Are available today for the oil & gas market, and coming soon to others.

High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI)

HPDI introduces natural gas directly into the combustion chamber of the engine and utilizes a small amount of diesel as the ignition source. HPDI technology:

  • Replaces significantly more diesel fuel than DGB technology with lower cost natural gas while maintaining diesel engine performance and transient response
  • Will be first available in mining trucks and locomotives
  • Meets Tier 4 off-highway and rail standards using less aftertreatment emissions technology.