Energy costs can be viewed as an inevitable and rigid expense or even sunk costs. But data-driven energy management, or operational and behavioral changes, within an organization can result in significant energy savings, and thus cost savings.

Action, or inaction, without data is like playing darts in the dark. Wheeler Power Systems is a one stop shop for data collection and identification, evaluation, and implementation of opportunities for energy management within your facilities. We can always help find the right solution to make your projects a success.

System Optimization

Ignoring System Optimization is a costly oversight. Commissioning, recommissioning, rightsizing, and equipment tuning matters. Control systems can automatically reduce consumption and controls that malfunction or aren’t calibrated or programmed correctly lead to underperforming systems. Energy Management can be performed at the equipment, system, building, or portfolio level. Often energy optimization can reduce the need for equipment or power system expansions, replacements, and costly maintenance.

Behavioral efficiency

The way you interact with the built environment and plant equipment within your organization can have tremendous impacts on energy use. Behaviors and culture norms can be influenced to improve system performance and efficiency. One of the hardest parts of behavioral efficiency changes is identifying opportunities without focused analysis and monitoring. We can provide this service.

Behavioral changes that impact energy consumption can be a hard sell. Old habits die hard but new habits can pay off. For deep energy reductions, scheduling, workflow and process improvements should be on the table. Benefits to productivity, capacity, and quality output might also be found or offset when adjusting operations for energy benefits.

Load management

Time is money in many ways. Utility rate schedule optimization, peak shaving and shifting, or load leveling opportunities can be identified through bill analysis and energy monitoring. Could time of use rates help manage costs, is equipment startup management a sticking point for cost savings? There are cost effective ways to manage loads with a plethora of solutions ranging from management decisions to equipment investment.

Without data insights its like playing darts in the dark.

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