Wheeler Power Systems is your expert for emissions compliance and control equipment sourcing. Whether you are in a non-attainment or attainment area, we can identify, source, install, commission, and support the equipment you need.

Oxidation Catalyst

Oxidation Catalysts are the most commonly required emissions control equipment for continuous diesel and natural gas power generation applications. We have decades of experience sourcing, installing, and supporting oxidation catalyst systems.

A flow-through honeycomb substrate coated with a high-performance catalyst and housed within a stainless-steel canister. Optional silencing available. Applicable to lean burn natural gas engines. Exhaust gas from the engine passes over the catalyst where a chemical reaction takes place to oxidize CO and HC. Reductions – CO: Up to 95% HC: Up to 90%

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction System)

SCRs are required to meet more stringent emissions control standards. We have sourced and installed SCRs on sites when required in non-attainment areas throughout Utah. Partnering with Caterpillar and other aftermarket SCR suppliers, Wheeler has been meeting the needs of customers requiring power generation with SCR technology.

  • In generator set applications, engines greater than 900 bkW must conform with stringent NOx emission limits, which necessitate the use of an SCR system. This larger CEM consists of integrated PM and NOx aftertreatment.
  • Using a DOC for PM and HC control, as well as an SCR system with air-assist diesel exhaust fuid (DEF) injection, the CEM also features an Ammonia Oxidation Catalyst (AMOX), integrated sound attenuation and an insulated exterior to reduce heat radiation in engine room installations.
  • A dosing control module is connected to the SCR module to provide closed-loop control of the NOx reduction process by monitoring NOx sensors before and after the SCR catalysts and controlling the injection of appropriate amounts of DEF to achieve the desired reduction.
    Reduction: NOx: Up to 95% CO: Up to 95% HC: Up to 90% PM: Over 85%


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