Cat well service engines are used in a wide range of applications including pressure pumping, workover rigs, kill mud pumps, coil tubing pump support, acidizing units, cementing units, blenders, coil tubing units, and hydraulic power units, including hazardous location and Tier 4 technology.

Well Service Engines

Cat® engines provide outstanding reliability across a wide range of available horsepower. They can run on almost any fuel (diesel, crude, natural gas, propane or almost any field gas), and meet the toughest worldwide emissions standards.

3512E Tier 4 Final

2250 BHP
2500 BHP
Non-Road Mobile EPA Tier 4 Final

Caterpillar Well Service Engines

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The Engine Idle Reduction System, also called EIRS, is an advanced way of optimizing fuel usage and non-productive engine idle time.

With the ability to decrease idle time by 60 percent, EIRS can provide significant reductions in equipment operating costs by eliminating unnecessary idle fuel consumption and extending preventative maintenance intervals. Additionally, EIRS reduces manpower and maximizes equipment utilization.

“EIRS is all about value. It enables pressure pumping customers with a cost-effective way to reduce spend on fuel and maintenance, and lower emissions, all without compromising on the long-standing reputation for durability which defines Cat® engines.” Jason Herlehy, Product Definition Manager for Caterpillar Oil & Gas.

While the engine idles in between pumping stages, EIRS will automatically stop the engine and then use an electric starter to restart it as needed to keep the equipment ready to work. An integrated engine pre-lube system ensures that the engine continues to deliver industry-leading durability even with the more productive duty cycle. And, by eliminating the need for additional operator intervention throughout the run time, EIRS makes operating the equipment both easier and safer.

The new Engine Idle Reduction System is available as a factory-installed option or as a retrofit for both the Cat 3512C and 3512E engines. Additionally, engines equipped with EIRS will continue to meet the EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certification.


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