It’s a bad time to discover that your generator isn’t working properly when the power goes out. Load Testing is a way to ensure that your generator is going to provide the power that you need when you need it.

Why Load Bank Test?

A standby generator is important in keeping crucial services operating in times of an outage. Hospitals, for example, where having power can mean the difference between life or death. Data centers or those in financial business, this can mean the loss of hundreds to millions of dollars through downtime. You need to ensure that the power will continue to flow at the most crucial times. By load bank testing, you can be assured that your generator will respond in the time of need.

Our Load Bank Testing Capabilities

  • Low voltage capabilities: 480, 120, 240, and 208 volts
  • Medium voltage capabilities: 2400, 4160, 12470, 13200, 13800 volts
  • We can test anywhere from 5kw up to 9000kw
  • Resistive or reactive load testing capabilities

Lightly Worked Engines Need Attention

In many applications, generator sets may run infrequently or under very little load. With these circumstances, you cannot properly test cooling system components or engine safety shutdown. Continual operation under a low load causes:

  • Wet stacking or vapor condensation in exhaust manifolds, which results in exhaust system corrosion
  • Formation of acids in the combustion space, leading to depletion of the engine oil additive package
  • Insufficient system pressure, resulting in improperly seated gaskets and seals and subsequent leaks
  • Improper seating of piston rings, which can result in excessive oil consumption and shortened ring/piston life
  • Carbon deposits in the exhaust system of diesel engines, which increase the risk of failure

Scheduled Load Bank Testing

Assure generator sets will perform as specified, you should include load bank testing as part of your generator set preventive maintenance program. Testing is done using a mobile piece of equipment that simulates the actual demand a generator set was designed to power. For standby generator sets, an annual load bank test:

  • Checks the full output capability of the generator set
  • Exercises the cooling system components
  • Evaluates oil and fuel pressure levels
  • Allows safety shutdowns to operate in real conditions
  • Helps eliminate carbon deposits

The combination of scheduled preventive maintenance and load bank testing can help ensure that your generator set starts and operates properly when you need it. Our trained technicians can perform load bank testing for you. Contact us, or fill out the form below and we’ll get your load bank test scheduled.


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