Battery Energy Storage Systems are the new face of reliability and cost savings in the power generation industry. Energy Storage systems provide multiple economic and resiliency benefits to users, from municipal utilities to industrial or commercial facilities.

Battery Energy Storage Systems 

Peak Shaving – By charging batteries when electricity is less expensive and discharging the batteries when electricity is most expensive, facilities can significantly reduce their utility bills.

Resiliency – An energy storage system allows the user to isolate from the main grid, providing reliable power during natural disasters and extended power outages.

Power Quality – Energy storage provides voltage support and frequency regulation and response to improve power quality, both at a commercial or industrial facility or on the local distribution system.

Improved Integration of Renewables – When combined with intermittent power generation resources like solar and wind, energy storage can provide a more predictable and controllable “firm” resource.

Cat Energy Storage Systems combine lithium ion battery technology with Cat brand Energy Storage Inverters

Power Grid Stabilization

Energy Storage, Grid firming / grid stabilization

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Energy Shift Module

Facility backup, Spinning reserve, Peak Shaving

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