Wheeler Power Systems provides transfer switches from a variety of vendors, including Caterpillar.

Manual Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switches allow the operator to manually and safely change the power supply from one source to another. Wheeler Power Systems provides manual transfer switches from vendors including Cat and ASCO.

Cat manual transfer switches include 2, 3 and 4 pole switches ranging from 30 to 3200 Amps.

ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches)

An ATS automatically transfers the load from the normal power supply to an alternate power supply in the event of power failure, and automatically returns the load to the normal power supply when it is restored. Wheeler Power Systems provides ATS from vendors including Cat and ASCO.

Cat® transfer switches are designed for a variety of standby power applications. They provide flexibility, reliability and value in a compact package. The open and delayed transition contactor-based Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) provides fully functioning transfer in applications where a momentary loss of power is acceptable during transfer and retransfers between normal and emergency power supply.
The closed transition contactor-based ATS is designed to meet application requirements where emergency back up power is required with no momentary loss of power by connecting both sources before the transfer occurs. Closed transition also permits periodic testing of the emergency power source without interrupting power to the loads.

There are two separate Cat lines with complimentary capabilities available for a wide variety of applications ranging from 60 to 4000 Amps. Options include contactor-based or breaker-based technologies, as well as service entrance and bypass isolation. Application strategies include closed transition, delayed transition, and in-phase monitoring.

View the full line of Cat ATS/ATC
View the full line of CAT ATS/MX


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