Cat® Microgrids provide cost effective power for on- and off-grid communities and commercial or industrial installations. By combining renewable energy, from our photovoltaic solar modules and advanced energy storage solutions, with traditional generation, from utilities or generator sets, we can develop an energy system specifically designed for your needs. The Cat Microgrid combines all sources into a single, controllable entity to optimize the flow of energy so it can be produced at the lowest total costs.

Caterpillar Microgrids

In order to offer a superior alternative to expensive traditional methods of generating electricity, Caterpillar® has developed a power source that combines renewable energy such as wind and solar with gas or diesel generator sets. As an added component, our Hybrid Microgrids, ranging in size from 100kW – 100MW, also include energy storage capabilities for increased system stability and cost control. The result is a flexible power solution that reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption while it lowers long-term operating expenses.

View Full Line of Caterpillar Microgrid Equipment

Microgrid Master Controller (MMC-M)

Photovoltaic and energy storage systems


Energy Storage Inverter BDP250

Bi-directional Power Inverter


Power Grid Stabilization

Energy Storage, Grid firming / grid stabilization


Energy Shift Module

Facility backup, Spinning reserve, Peak Shaving


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