Electricity is never more scarce and precious than after a disaster. Lights are out, telephones disabled, businesses shut down. People may need food, water, heat, and medical attention. There can be no real recovery without power, yet no one can predict when utility service will come back


The best time to prepare for any disaster is before it happens.

Backup power plays a critical role in recovery from all manner of disasters. Rental generator sets of all sizes can help sustain facilities that safeguard public health, safety, and welfare, and extended utility outages. In addition, rental power can bring life back to schools, stores, offices, factories, and homes while rebuilding moves forward, and the utility restores the grid.

Especially in the early stages, the speed of recovery depends on how well local authorities and private enterprises have plannedfor permanent or rental emergency power.

Emergency response experts advise against trying to plan for a specific event, such as a fire, flood, or tornado. Instead, they recommend looking at the common results of any disaster. Significant among these is loss of electric power. Extended power failures have many causes, some natural and others man-made, some predictable and others difficult even to imagine.

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